The Start of the Loonie Bull Run?

By Kevin Muir

Although the financial press is all lathered up about the last minute trade agreement reached between the Americans and the Canadians, I am left asking, “what’s the big deal, eh?”

Did we really expect anything different? Sure, Trump blustered about how much he didn’t like the Canadian negotiating team and that we had been taking advantage of Americans for far too long. He assured his base that this would change under his leadership. But this is how Trump negotiates. He takes extreme stances. He insults his counterparties. He appears unrelenting and unwilling to compromise. And then, at the last minute, he makes the best deal he can. It’s par for the course.

Does this work? Who knows? I certainly don’t have a clue about its effectiveness and I don’t really care. All I know is that the market seems awfully slow at figuring this game out.

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World Wrassling Diplomacy

By James Howard Kunstler

Why not war with Canada? That pissant “nation” is cluttering up the northern half of OUR Continent, which we struggled mightily to free from wicked Old Europe. What doesn’t Justin Trudeau get about that? And when we’re done with him, how about a few rounds with Frau Merkel and the wee frog, Monsieur Macron? I’d like to see the Golden Golem of Greatness in a leotard and one of those Mexican wrestling masks, tossing these peevish international dwarves out of the ring like so many sacks of potting soil.

And now it’s off to Singapore for a championship bout with the opponent known as “Little Rocket Man.” There’s an odd expectation that these two avatars of unreality will settle the hash that has been simmering for sixty years between the divided Korea and the USA. Mr. Trump will make a deal to turn North Korea into a golfer’s paradise and Mr. Kim will promise to beat his nuclear arsenal into nine irons and putters. And then they’ll celebrate on Air Force One with bags of Big Macs and Buckets o’Chicken. (Let the aides and advisors fight over the Singapore Noodles and squid beaks in garlic sauce.)

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The Pricking of the Canadian Real Estate Bubble?

By Kevin Muir

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts lately. Long story, but rest assured, I am back on track and the old ‘tourist regular postings have resumed.

Next up, today I will write about Canadian real estate. I know, many of you find that about as exciting as watching Winter Olympic curling, but give me a chance – after all, we Canadians have a way to make even curling entertaining.

The Canadian real estate bubble

As most everyone knows, over the past decade, Canada has experienced a massive real estate boom.

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