8 Free Macro and Market Data Sources

By Callum Thomas

I thought I would share some of my favorite free data source on the internet, as I often get questions on where to find such and such or how to calculate this and that.  In truth, for the overwhelming majority of my data I use Thomson Reuters Datastream (which is certainly not free!), partly because of the breadth of data, partly because they have a large amount of data found only on their platform, and partly because my business is a one-man shop so efficiency is key (being able to quickly update models and charts is essential).

So here they are – the top 8 free financial, market and macroeconomic online data sources:

1. The IMF World Economic Outlook Database: What I like about this one is how comprehensive it is in terms of coverage of countries (and regions), and the ease of comparability across indicators, and the fact that most of the variables have forecasts/projections for as much as 5 years out.  It is primarily economics focused, but there are some financial series too.  Usability is good once you get the hang of it (but then again I’ve been using it for about 10 years!).

2. World Bank Open Data: Similar to the IMF database, this one similarly has top marks on broad coverage of countries, it also has very broad coverage of indicators, including numerous World Bank specific statistics e.g. development indicators.  So it’s definitely one worth checking out.  One thing I would note is that similar to the IMF WEO database, most if not all the data is annual.

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