Manage Your Psych Profile


Note: This is not market analysis. This is a person writing words and inserting some funny pictures. It is a product of said person’s view of psychology and the modern market.

First off, my honest self-evaluation: I would be pleased to see the US stock market to go down again, not because I am positioned for it (I am not, yet, other than through fairly non-dramatic risk management like portfolio balancing, profit taking and keeping high cash levels as appropriate) but because I feel like the bull was cooked up by an evil man named Ben Bernanke.

When I write “the bull” I am not talking about the post-Christmas Eve rally. That had to happen and at the time I was buying the spiking fear and panic. I am talking about the post-2008 bull market.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

By Biiwii

Like me or hate me, I think what I think and in this business that is part of my product (unlike, say, an office worker toiling away as a good company man while holding a veritable Vesuvius of thoughts within).

I really like the addition of NFTRH’s Wild Card segment, because it allows me a massive range. Two weeks ago we broke down the Semiconductor sector. Last week we talked about the shift in Fed policy toward the decidedly dovish. This week for tomorrow’s NFTRH 537 this thing was burped up.

It’s not actionable to any kind of real analysis, so here it is for public consumption (or regurgitation for all I care).

Saturday Morning Cartoons

First off let me say that my market report is called Notes From the Rabbit Hole. I have a tattoo of Alice, the Queen and the Rabbit on my right forearm. The letter is so named because early in the Millennium I fell into a hole inhabited by some strange characters, including the now very public Chris Martenson, who was but one of several characters.

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