A New NFTRH Segment: Opening Notes – US Stock Market


I decided a couple weeks ago add a regular segment where I just talk about some things I think I know about a given market or situation based on the previous week’s activity. This is before I get myself educated on the latest market data and information. I need the weekly work I do in NFTRH as much as anyone. Without it, I can be rudderless and prone to my own biases.

This is just one small, less mission-critical aspect of NFTRH (representing 2 of 52 on-point pages across the markets) and the funny thing is, I think it stands up to much of the premium stuff out there in its entirety for any given week. But then, I am biased and as such I think NFTRH is better than any other market report or newsletter that I know of out there.

So here’s what I thought I knew about the stock market before beginning NFTRH 523

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NFTRH 518 Excerpt: US & Global Market Internals


To celebrate NFTRH’s 10 year anniversary (Friday, Sept. 28) I’d like to present one segment from this week’s report, NFTRH 518 each day until Friday. These excerpts will give you an idea of what it takes to provide a top tier, best of breed product. But there is much more to a single weekly report than will be shown here publicly. Oh and don’t forget the dynamic in-week market updates as events dictate.

All for 30% less per day than you spend on your single cup of small regular coffee at Dunkin Donuts! Think about that. I mean, I don’t want to downplay the importance of coffee – it makes NFTRH run – but what is the value of consistent, focused and proven market intelligence at your fingertips day to day, week to week and year after year?

FYI, here is a screenshot showing the Contents of the entire report…

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NFTRH 500, Free for the Taking


An offer you can’t refuse (something for nothing). This will be the last freebie probably forever. No info collected. Just you getting a free report and considering it (and associated in-week updates) for your needs going forward.

I just finished revamping the NFTRH Premium landing page and updated the sample report to this week’s NFTRH 500 milestone edition. You can go get it if you’d like. It will show you why I (and many NFTRH subscribers) think it’s only a part of the best all around service out there. It’s more than worth its price as a stand-alone weekly, let alone the included real time updates and trade highlights at the site.

Click the NFTRH Premium link above, download and read this easy to digest report and think about joining the service at some point. This is going to sound a little stuck up, but when I see what is available out there at higher prices I just shake my head.

Not everything you read in NFTRH 500 will prove to have been correct with the test of time, but you will know it was honestly produced and upon finishing it you will feel well armed about today’s financial markets. We don’t predict markets, we stay in tune with them… at all times.

“Congrats on the milestone [NFTRH 500] Gary. Not the volume that is impressive but the consistent quality.”  –Frederick L  5.21.18

“Gary, Congratulations on reaching your 500th edition. Have only been with you for about half that journey, but appreciate the quality and honesty of the content/analysis. Gradual and progressive improvement is the assured quality approach. Please keep up the good work.”  –Andrew C  5.21.18

“On the occasion of your 2.5 millionth word, I’d like to compliment you on the quality and style of your newsletter. It is extraordinarily well-written and readable, qualities that seem to be in short-supply among newsletter writers these days. As the former executive editor of my law school’s law review, and later an occasional editor of the [omitted by request, but very notable], I value good writing, and thank you heartily for yours.”  –James S  5.20.18

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