A New NFTRH Segment: Opening Notes – US Stock Market


I decided a couple weeks ago add a regular segment where I just talk about some things I think I know about a given market or situation based on the previous week’s activity. This is before I get myself educated on the latest market data and information. I need the weekly work I do in NFTRH as much as anyone. Without it, I can be rudderless and prone to my own biases.

This is just one small, less mission-critical aspect of NFTRH (representing 2 of 52 on-point pages across the markets) and the funny thing is, I think it stands up to much of the premium stuff out there in its entirety for any given week. But then, I am biased and as such I think NFTRH is better than any other market report or newsletter that I know of out there.

So here’s what I thought I knew about the stock market before beginning NFTRH 523

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