USA & China Macroeconomic Trends

By Callum Thomas

Here’s some of the standout economic and markets charts on my radar (originally posted on LinkedIn). I aim to pick a good mix of charts covering key global macro trends, and ones which highlight risks and opportunities across asset classes.

Hope you enjoy!

1. US Economic Optimism: Here’s an interesting chart – it shows the overall trend in economic confidence in America based off more than half a dozen surveys.

The key point is there has been quite the slump in the last couple of months. I labeled the title “recession or reset?” as a nod to the fact that there seems to be a lot of pundits rushing to call a recession. I think this is premature.

The last couple of months have brought a heavy flow of negative headlines (e.g. the shutdown, tradewar, potential actual wars) and there has been heightened market volatility.

I think this is a reset…


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